2006-01-10 14:58:15
The unsold lots
2005-12-16 13:54:01
For the receipt of access to the prices it is needed to be registered
2005-12-03 17:05:57
The nearest auction will take place on a December, 16, 2005
News  //  The nearest auction

The nearest auction will take place, as well as usually, by a standard rule on territory of gallery of the LTD "Epoha" (street Yaroslavov Val, 1) on a December, 16, 2005

The catalogue of auction is found on the stage of registration. To on a December, 10 it will be possible to look over proposed on auction objects on the given site.

The exhibition befor auction is opened on a December, 6, 2005 in the gallery "Epoha" from 11-00 to 18-00 daily.

For participation in auction – please register.

2005-12-03 17:05:57
Phone: +38 (044) 272.23.61